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Your exterior paint job getting done right is very important as it protects what is likely your biggest investment, your house. Exterior paint is exposed to much harsher conditions with regard to temperature, moisture via humidity or rain, and the deterioration caused by the sun’s rays. Thus it is important to always perform the proper cleaning, repair and prep work, use of a premium primer, and use of a premium paint.

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One exterior painting prep work and surface cleaning advantage of modern times is the availability and use of power washers. Power washers used with detergents and cleaners can deep clean the exterior surface and remove grime and dirt as well as old paint and flakes. Care needs to be taken so that the power washer is operated safely and does not damage the surface or building. The power washer should be used with good old fashion scraping, repairing loose nails, patching large holes, sanding surfaces and caulking windows and joints. The goal is to get a smooth clean surface your exterior primer or paint can create a strong bond and adhere to. Masking tape can then be used to edge out windows, brickwork, etc., and drop cloth prudently place to make application easy and cleanup a breeze. Care must be taken to protect landscaping plants and shrubbery from any damage.

The choice of primer and paint may depend on the exterior application you intend to use it for. Oil and latex primers and paints are available. Generally oil based paints provide better adhesion for covering bare woods or metals such as found with gutters. For this reason many times primers are oil based. Spot priming or applying your primer in one or two coats to bare areas can greatly improve the paint application and resulting look. Remember a latex paint can more readily be used over an oil based primer than the other way around. Latex paints are thus used in most applications, and acrylic latex is the preferred latex type. Depending on the paint condition and color being covered, one or multiple coats of paint may be required.

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The actual formulation of the exterior primer or paint may change depending on if you are using it for exterior siding and walls, porches, floors, rails or windows/trim. Exterior paint typically comes in Gloss, Satin or Flat/Matte. The choice of paint color and finish or sheen depends on the type and formulation. Gloss formulations have more sheen and hardness and are easy to clean, however show more defects. Flat or Matte does not show as many defects but are harder to clean so are generally used on exterior walls and siding. Satin is easier to clean than Flat or Matte but doesn’t have the sheen or show imperfections as much as Gloss, so is a good compromise that can be used on both walls/siding and windows/trim. A quality paint job can last up to ten years if the above recommendations are followed, protecting the value in your house, and thus well worth the cost.