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Commercial or Industrial Painting is all about professional services achieving a great value, or getting the highest quality, the longest lasting paint job, with the look you want, for the best price and lowest possible cost. Commercial and industrial applications demand a professional paint job that is done with safety for all in mind, and yet will meet the needs of your commercial or industrial property requirements, with the durability and look you want for many years to come. As with any professional paint job, preparation work is critical and prevents problems with later primer and paint applications. Prep work done correctly with attention to detail helps to insure a long lasting durable paint job that has the quality look the customer desires.

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Preparation work may include power washing, power wire brushing or sand blasting in addition to the typical surface preparation of scraping, sanding, filling, glazing and caulking. The work may require special considerations, procedures and methods to meet corporate safety standards as well as EPA and/or OSHA standards. Proper prep work includes the correct use of protective tapes, covers, drop clothes and barriers to prevent spills and also reduce the amount of time needed for cleanup. This means a quick return to service of the area being painted. Planning and prep work also involves time considerations that can become critical to customer plans if limited days are available to perform the paint job due to customer schedules, bad weather, industrial production or other constraints.

Commercial and industrial painting applications may require specialty formulations for primer and paint, depending on whether the surface to be covered is new wood, metal, drywall, stucco, etc., or an existing surface that already has been painted. The selection and use of a primer in commercial and industrial painting work is a critical choice. Proper primer selection and use can allow the final paint application Primer formulations might be oil or latex, white or tinted, and require one or multiple coats to achieve the desired results on the surface at hand. Time or space to perform the painting work may be limited. The primer will help to prevent stains and imperfections from showing through and ruining the final paint application. It will help with using less paint and still getting the vibrant color or texture or durability of the final coat of paint.

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The paint formulations may include needs for a specialty surface or texture, extreme durability, ultra quick drying and return to service, low odor or VOC, or mold resistance for instance. These specialty formulations may require special equipment to apply the primer or paint, including specialty power rollers or sprayers, scaffolds and lifts to reach high areas and safety equipment including appropriate safety masks and safety equipment.

The commercial or industrial customer requires hiring a professional painting contractor with a high degree of capability that can get the job done safely and efficiently, with no rework. The contractor success is based on the experience of the staff and the firm’s equipment and technology expertise to get the job done right, whether it is an interior or exterior application.